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Indoor Cricket  


Indoor sixes at St Astier 2015: Sunday 22 March

Four teams (Bordeaux, Eymet, Mansle & St Aulaye) are confirmed with the possibility of a fifth (Périgueux).

First two matches confirmed:

Match 1 (11h): SAC v Eymet

Match 2 (12h): Bordeaux v Mansle


Please note the following:

All players must have current players’ licences.

Captains to report to Eddie Cannon, tournament organiser, 30 minutes before their first match.

So far we have only one umpire (Keith Randell) confirmed; we need another one.

Also, will captains please appoint a square-leg umpire (for other teams’ matches).

NB: this event is self-catering.




10 MARCH 2013




GAME 1 (A vs C)                     SAINT AULAYE 71-5 (17 pts);             U-19’s 21-5 (5 pts)

GAME 2 (B vs D)                     MANSLE 45-5 (4 pts);             EYMET 48-3 (16 pts)

GAME 3 (A vs B)                     MANSLE 77-5 (3 pts);             SAINT AULAYE 78-1 (20 pts)

GAME 4 (C vs D)                     EYMET 76-3 (2 pts);                U-19’s 79-0 (17 pts)

GAME 5 (A vs D)                     EYMET 55-5 (5 pts);                SAINT AULAYE 56-4 (18 pts)

GAME 6 (B vs C)                     MANSLE 43-5 (11 pts);             U-19’s 43-5 (11 pts)


POINTS                                        GAME 1           GAME 2           GAME 3                       TOTAL

TEAM A (ST. AULAYE)                 17                     20                  18                            55

TEAM B (MANSLE)                          4                         3                      11                                    18       

TEAM C (U – 19’s)                        5                       17                      11                               33           

TEAM D (EYMET)                         16                      2                                 5                                23




Indoor cricket practice 2013…  


Sunday morning practice will start again in the salle des sports, St Aulaye, from 10h to 12h on 10 February.


There will also be sessions on 17 and 24 February and 3 March in preparation for the south west (Aquitaine) indoor six-a-side competition to be held at St Astier on 10 March.


We hope to enter two teams in the competition, a SAC six, captained by Irfan Sheikh, and an under 19 six, including some non-SAC players, captained by Daniel Nott.


  • IMPORTANT: to protect the excellent new surface of the salle you MUST bring clean cricket shoes to change into rather arrive in them – and the same goes, obviously, for the indoor competition.


Wynford Hicks






2009 Cricket: St Aulaye win indoors


St Aulaye won the 2009 friendly indoor six-a-side tournament organised by ACCSO for SW northern clubs, held at St Astier on 8 March. Catus were runners-up with Eymet third.

The St Aulaye team included three juniors – and two others played for Eymet. For St Aulaye v Bordeaux junior all-rounder Daniel Nott took 3-6 in 9 balls.

Top scorer on the day was the St Aulaye skipper, Adrian Raynor, with 71 in two innings (48 and 23 both not out). For Eymet Ian Hull scored 47 not out against St Aulaye and David Horlock top-scored with 69 in three innings. For Catus Jean-Paul top-scored with 57 in his three.     


St Aulaye (125-4 in 9.4 overs) beat Eymet (124-4 in 10)

Catus (108-2 in 10) beat Bordeaux (68 all out in 7.2)

Eymet (84 all out in 8.3) beat Bordeaux (59 all out in 7)

St Aulaye (86-2 in 8.4) beat Catus (85-4 in 10)

Catus (106 all out in 10) beat Eymet (92-4 in 10)

St Aulaye (58-2 in 5.1) beat Bordeaux (56 all out in 8.3)


St Aulaye 55

Catus 42

Eymet 35

Bordeaux 13 

The five St Aulaye juniors who played were: John Harding, Daniel Nott and Cameron Williams (for St Aulaye); Kit Harding and Oliver Mawdsley (for Eymet).