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Subscriptions to St Aulaye Cricket



SAC selection policy, subscriptions, money and fundraising...


COMPETITIVE CRICKET: It is, and has always been, SAC policy that in competitive matches the strongest possible team should be selected from the players available. A player’s licence is essential for anybody who wants to play competitive cricket, eg league, cup and SW T20.

ANNUAL SUBS: All active members of the club (except life members – see below) pay an annual subscription, currently 50€. They are entitled to a player’s licence without further payment if they have an up-to-date medical certificate. This subscription rate, which includes a small contribution to club expenses, is kept as low as possible so that those who want to play competitive cricket are not prevented from doing so by lack of funds. Also, the automatic right to a player’s licence avoids the problem of somebody having to pay for one and then not being regularly selected.

MEDICALS: Please view the document at this link QS Medical. A current medical certificate is required to play or umpire.

ANNUAL SUBS FOR YOUNG PLAYERS: The subscription rate is based on the cost of a young player’s licence plus a small contribution to club expenses.

LIFE MEMBERS: Life members (who have paid a one-off contribution) are not obliged to make any further payment unless they need a player’s (or other) licence, in which case they pay the 50€ annual sub.

FRIENDLY CRICKET: Selection criteria for friendly matches, where we play as St Aulaye Casuals, include trying to match the opposition in strength and giving preference to active members. Those selected to play are strongly urged to become members but this is not compulsory. Non-members are asked to pay a match fee of 10€.  

SOCIAL MEMBERS: Friends and supporters of the club are encouraged to become social members, entitled to use the club’s facilities though not to play in matches. Membership is individual and the current rate is 25€.

MONEY AND FUNDRAISING: With low membership rates and no match fees (except for non-members playing in friendlies) there is an obvious need to raise money for the club. Peter Brown, the President, is now working on a lottery-type scheme provisionally called the “25” club.

Wynford Hicks

January 2018

The Casuals

The Casuals are a totally separate team and their activities are not governed by St Aulaye Cricket.
No members, players or officials are insured by St Aulaye Cricket or the FFBS for Casual games and the Casuals are not affiliated to the FFBS.